Turn Kmart decor into wedding centre pieces

Jul 19, 2016

Kmart is the home of low prices and stylish decor! So I went to Kmart to pick out my six favourite items to see if I could transform them into wedding centre pieces that could wow!

Now, I have very limited flower decorating skills (only what I have learnt from youtube and pinterest) so I kept it simple and did a bit of experimenting!

I got my flowers from Coles – the huge bunch of natives only set me back $20 and you can get them for even less at the flower markets! plus some gerberas and poppies which set me back about $20 from the local florist. I was lucky enough to find some wild succulents around the corner from my house and vine just hanging on the local bridge railing!

This terrarium was one of the more expensive items at $8, but that’s a bargain compared to what they can set you back (usually around $20 each) if you buy through other stores or garden centres. This was also the more tricky one to design! after some serious pinning (see here) I saw that people had been laying them down and it created an awesome aesthetic and way more room to play with (no height restriction).

The marble pot was my favourite! I feel I should have gone more elegant on the flowers though, in order complement the marble look but I love how the arrangement turned out. These canisters are only $5.00 and come in a variety of colours (pale pink, mint, grey – all very popular wedding colours). I chose marble because the marble/wood look is so popular right now. I also got to use this time to experiment using the sticky tape grid to hold the flowers in form. I pulled this one apart several time experimenting with the arrangement and filling gaps.
NB: If you went for the coloured canister you could use white or pastel colours and use the canister as your pop of colour to save costs on flowers!

This one was unusually simple. I picked flower colours that complemented the rose gold and went from there. I weaved the purple stick flower (I have no idea what it’s actually called if anyone can tell me please let me know!) through the gaps, the stem was quite flexible and easy to bend. I used a gerbera at the bottom and that was that!  Setting me back $7, again far cheaper then in other places, this not only adds a pop of colour but can be used for lighting (tea candles, mini fairy lights).

NB: Why not spray paint it if it’s not the colour you like!?

This little guy looks so awesome! At $3 a pop he is my cheapest find! In a black so that any colour that comes near him just pops! (you could easily spray paint it too) so simple, but he can be made as simple or complex as you like. Some florist foam in the centre and you can create stuff like this. Use some wire to create something like this. Or tea lights for something like this 🙂

I was inspired to use this box because mint is just such a great colour! so i grabbed. At just $5 they are a bargain. After some pinning I found great inspiration in this. A simple design using large flowers, but I did not have the large flowers and greenery, so i improvised. This could be set out in numerous ways, using so many different flowers. I think an English style flower would suit this style far more than an Aussie bush flower but I limited options.

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