Jesse and Steven’s Pop Up Wedding

Names: Jess and Steven Close

Wedding Date: 25th of October, 2015

Guests: 70

Budget: $5,870

How Did you Meet? 

Steve was the first person I spoke to at year 7 orientation day. We dated on and off through high school and lost contact for three years when I changed school. Found each other again at a friend’s New Years party and somehow we felt closer than ever!

How did Steven Propose? 

We were together nearly 5 years before getting married. He made a beautiful wooden jewelry box and when I opened it the ring was inside. He was so nervous I could see the sweat building up.


What is something special about your relationship? 

We are also lucky enough to have a two and a half year old son, Elijah and a baby on the way. Elijah, being born before we were married, meant that we could include him in our special day which made it even more exciting. He could walk down the aisle (kind of) and just like  Steve and I presented each other with rings we presented Elijah with a small gift as well. To show that not only is he our son but a vital piece of the puzzle that makes our family complete.

What did you DIY?


What was the thing you splurged on?

Wedding rings. $200-300 each (half price for Valentine’s Day specials)

What was your best bargain?

My $40 wedding dress!


What was your favourite thing about the wedding? 

My favourite thing about the wedding was that everyone felt comfortable enough to run around barefoot and playing the giant games we had set out.

What was the hardest thing? 

We honestly can’t think of anything we struggled with. We were so relaxed having everything sorted for us.

What would you do differently, if anything? 

We wouldn’t change a thing 🙂 Except maybe put a little sunscreen on!

See end of article for Weddings Vendors and Wedding Budget Breakdown.

Wedding Vendors and Wedding Budget Break Down

What How Much? Vendor/Supplier Name
Ceremony Venue:  Included in the package price ($5000) Camden Town Farm

Reception Venue:  Included  Camden Town Farm
Food:  Included Back Galley Cafe

Drink:  Included
Photographer:  Included Happiness Photography


Also had a family friend/photographer Caz Nowaczyk to take photo’s as well

Invites:  $50  We bought DIY invitations from Office Works $20 for 30. Envelops from Kmart
Celebrant:  Included  The package includes Celebrant Rita O’Riley from Divine Celebrancy but we were lucky enough to have a close family friend (Julie Prsa) who is a celebrant do the ceremony for us
Entertainment (musician, photobooth): Included  The Old Married Couple (music)


Photobooth was also included

 Décor:  Included
Brides attire:  $75  Dress from Salvos $40 (Just happened to be half price the day I went in), Shoes $30 from Payless Shoes and veil $5 from a wedding items for sale facebook page.
Grooms attire:  $120 Target and Payless shoes
Bridesmaids:  $120 All bridesmaid outfits were purchased from eBay. Shoes purchased from Kmart
Groomsmen:  $130  Target and Payless Shoes
Flower girl:  —  —
Paige Boy:  $25  Outfit purchased at Big W and shoes purchased from Best and Less
Hair and Makeup:  $100per person for both hair and makeup  Chillax Beauty and Makeup
Cars:  Paid for by my mother as a wedding present. Kombi Celebrations

Cake:  Included  Cake Arcade

Flowers:  Included  Merci Bouquet

General Décor:  Included
Hire Items:  Included
Extras:  $50  Viv’s Nails
Total $5,870