Celebrity Weddings on a Shoestring

Aug 3, 2016

Co-stars of Bad Moms, Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell, both have more in common than their current movie! They are both shoestring wedding superstars!!!

On a recent episode of late night talk show, Conan O’Brien, Kunis admitted to buying her wedding ring on Etsy for just US$90 and her husband, Asthon Kutcher’s wedding band for just US$100. Meanwhile Kristen Bell recently released images of her US$142 Town Hall wedding to Dax Shepard in 2013! With friends ceremoniously dubbing it the “worst wedding ever”.

Kunis has been listed as one of Forbes Highest Paid Actresses but is not ashamed of her “astronomical” wedding purchases! Meanwhile Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard continue to act against the Hollywood “norms” by pretty much acting just like a perfectly normal couple! No wonder we love these gals so freaking much, they are just like us 🙂

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