5 Things you should know before ordering your Wedding Invitations

Jun 26, 2016

If you’re a bride to be and like myself you’re on a budget and would rather spend your hard earned money a food (also like me), or that photographer who just knows how to capture that special moment (but I mean, food is still really important…), then look no further! This is your ultimate guide to saving money on your wedding invitations – and a few tips from someone who has been there and stuffed up…

#5 Don’t bother with save the dates and if you do… just use Vistaprint

Ok, to some more traditionalists this may be extreme… so if you REALLY have to send out save the dates I recommend using a really basic design on Vistaprint (who always have some sort of awesome deal going on google “Vistaprint coupons”) and hand them out at your engagement party to save money on postage.
Keen for something a little fancy but aren’t keen on costs? Try Paperless Post! Send out one of their pre-designed invitations or upload your own. They have beautiful designs that are TOTALLY FREE – which I love (and some fancy add ons for next to nothing). It also collates responses, tells you who has opened your invite and who hasn’t and much, much more).
For the less traditional, but still want a save the date, have you considered using Facebook events? It’s a great way to collate emails and addresses ready for the real invites and a quick way to communicate with your guests.
Otherwise I say ditch the save the dates and send the real invites out a month or two earlier… it’s what I did and so far no dramas here.
NB… Arrange save the dates for weddings that are out of town or overseas so transport and accommodation can be organised ahead of time. Be courteous to guests if you actually want them to arrive without resentment.

#4 Make a wedding website (wedsite)

Seriously! It’s so easy using pre made templates on Weebly, Wix or for the really computer illiterate use Easy Weddings or The Knot. It saves you space (and therefore money) on your invite and means it doesn’t actually matter if someone misplaces the invite or forgets it on the day – all the info is ready and waiting. We made our wedsite using Weebly and have received so much positive feedback!

weebly wedsite

#3 Triple and quadruple check invitation details…

And I mean really check it, like get your mum or your maid of honour or your H2B or even all three of them to check it, and make it clear that no one is to print and/or send them without prior consent…. (and maybe, just maybe this is something I know about because it happened to us, and we survived).
Things you need to check are included on your invitation: (email this list to afore mentioned parties)

  • Where – ceremony location and if change of venue reception location
  • When – the date of your wedding and the time it commences
  • RSVP – where/who to rsvp too and optional a date for last rsvp’s, even though that date will approach and people will have forgotten… trust me.
  • Website address – because it’s awesome!

Alexandra & Kyle#2 Design your own invitation

Sometimes creating your own design is way cheaper than buying anything from zazzle or minted ($2-$5+ per invite). Don’t have any design software (aka Photoshop or illustrator)? Don’t have any design skills at all? You can use Canva or enlist a friend who has some basic design skills to help you make a custom invite. Canva is free and you can also download your custom made invitation in PDF format for free to be printed or emailed wherever you want! Greeting Island is another great place for to create your free invitations for printing!

#1 Print at Vistaprint or Officeworks

Like I said before Vistaprint is sooo cheap to print from, you can use there pre made designs or you can upload your own design. You can usually find great vouchers on the internet, buy deals from Groupon or just wait for one of their many sales. They are super competitively priced and all their invitations come with envelopes! We got our invites done through them and they were printed on gorgeous card stock and arrived within 2-3 days!
We ordered stick on magnets from ebay and all up it cost about $50 for 50 invites, 50 envelopes and 50 magnets and we didn’t even need that many. Unfortunately we had to pay extra for some little business cards to add to our envelopes as the time and contact information was missing…… ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE YOU PRINT!